Heart Failure Program

Many people think that having “heart failure” means that their heart is about to fail or stop. What heart failure really means is that the heart is not pumping blood throughout the body as well as it should. Because the pumping action is not effective, blood backs up into the lungs and causes fluid build-up. Some people have swelling in their feet, legs and other parts of their body.
Heart failure is often diagnosed using a test called an echocardiogram. 
Heart failure is serious, but with good care you can feel better, live longer, and do many of the things you enjoy doing.

Heart Failure Cannot Usually be Cured, but it Can be Controlled.  Our Expert Team can help.

The Healthy Heart Team at Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center offers a comprehensive heart failure program—one that has received the highest ranking of five stars from HealthGrades®—America’s most trusted, independent source of physician information and hospital quality outcomes.

Our team can create a custom program to help you manage your heart failure, including teaching you how to monitor your symptoms, helping you formulate a proper diet, understanding your medications and much more. Good teamwork between you and your healthcare team can make a big difference. To learn more, contact us today.