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In 2007, Good Samaritan established a cardiovascular institute dedicated to serving the community with the highest quality care. The Active International Cardiovascular Institute at Good Samaritan Hospital offers the most comprehensive cardiovascular care provided by a highly experienced cardiac team. In fact, the Institute is home to the only complete cardiovascular program from the New Jersey border to Albany.

Our patient focused care is enhanced by easy and fast communication with all members of the team, including surgeons, cardiologists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses and technicians. This facilitates timely decision making in those important “matters of the heart”.

Our cardiologists are experts in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease. We provide comprehensive care and consultative services including general cardiology, the latest advances in medical treatment and diagnostic imaging, and state-of-the-art intervention for heart disease and the prevention of heart disease. This encompasses the spectrum of treatment from preventative cardiology to treatment of patients with advanced cardiovascular diseases.

The following cardiovascular diagnostic studies are provided by the Cardiologists:

•    M-mode, contrast and two-dimensional echocardiography with color flow imaging

•    Contrast echocardiography

•    Stress echocardiography including treadmill anddobutamine stress echo

•    Multi-plane transesophageal and intraoperativeechocardiography with Doppler and color flow imaging

•    Standard treadmill or pharmacologic stress testing

•    MUGA scans to evaluate left ventricular function

•    Holter and event monitoring

•    Device interrogation and follow-up

Our therapeutic treatments include:

•    Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR)

•    Diagnostic cardiac catheterization andangiography

•    Transradial cardiac catheterization and coronary intervention

•    Coronary angioplasty (PTCA) and coronarystenting

•    Rotational atherectomy (Rotoblator)

•    Treatment of peripheral arterial disease including stent placement

•    Laser therapy for peripheral venous disease

•    State-of-the-art treatment of advanced heart failure

•    Percutaneous left ventricular assist devices

•    Fractional flow reserve measurement with pressure wire

•    Intravascular coronary imaging withintravascular ultrasound (IVUS)

•    Pericardiocentesis and percutaneous pericardial window

•    Cardioversion

About our Institute

Good Samaritan Hospital established an affiliation with Westchester Medical Center’s Heart & Vascular Institute following the partnership between the Westchester Medical Center Health Network and Bon Secours Charity Health System. The relationship brings together two award-winning cardiac and vascular centers to elevate the level of care available to the communities of Rockland and Orange counties. This collaboration allows Good Samaritan Hospital to maintain the only complete cardiovascular program in the Lower Hudson Valley to offer the most comprehensive cardiovascular care provided by a highly experienced cardiac team.

Our mission is to provide clinical support and direct patient care at Good Samaritan Hospital and allows the programs to share information, resources, and expertise to improve care. Additionally, the relationship will introduce to our patients state-of-the-art cardiac and vascular services previously unavailable at our facility, including:

  • Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) – A technique which gives elderly patients and others too ill for traditional open-heart surgery an alternative. This ground-breaking minimally invasive heart valve replacement procedure is done via transapical or transfemoral delivery.

  • Hybrid surgery – Open or minimally invasive surgical procedures and catheterization can be performed simultaneously.

  • Stereotaxis – An innovative system which uses magnetic fields generated outside the body to guide catheters and leads through the delicate tissues and intricate paths of the cardiovascular system, allowing surgeons to navigate and treat the heart without the risk of serious complications

  • Biplane Angiographic Unit – A fluoroscopic X-ray machine which images the body’s circulatory dynamics from multiple angles, providing a 3-D view of the heart chambers and coronary arteries, thereby reducing exposure to radiation and contrast dyes.


This partnership marks an exciting reaffirmation of our commitment to the highest quality cardiovascular services and to the constant advancement of all of our programs. We are proud of the ten years of service to the community, and our partnership is a reaffirmation of that commitment.

Good News for the Community:

Our cardiac & cardiovascular teams bring together world class cardiologists and open heart surgeons which gives our community the opportunity for world class care in their own back yard.

Bon Secours Charity Health System includes the first and only complete cardiovascular program in the lower Hudson Valley. The Active International Cardiovascular Institute at Good Samaritan Hospital offers the most comprehensive cardiovascular care provided by a highly experienced cardiac team.

Support Programs (For our Community)

Another powerful weapon in the fight against heart disease is giving individuals the tools and knowledge they need to make smart lifestyle choices and recognize symptoms. Good Samaritan Hospital’s Cardiac Outreach Department works in partnership with local and national organizations, including the American Heart Association, to educate the public on the risks of heart disease through support groups, smoking cessation programs, free screenings, seminars and health fairs. The department also teaches cardiac patients about their condition, so they can live full, healthy lives. It all starts with having the right resource. To learn more about Good Samaritan Hospital's Cardiac Outreach program, call 1.800.HELP.IN.5 (1.800.435.9465).

Mended Hearts Lower Hudson Valley (NY) Chapter #368

Mended Hearts is a patient support organization that has offered compassion, hope and encouragement to heart patients, their families and caregivers for over 60 years. Mended Hearts has nearly 18,000 members in 300 community-based chapters and satellites across the U.S. and Canada. Chapters partner with hospitals and cardiac care facilities to provide patient-to-patient support services and education.

Mended Hearts volunteers are here to help you enjoy life even after a heart event. We understand your needs and concerns because we've experienced them ourselves. It's important to know you're not alone...

For more information, call 845.368.5637


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